Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Well, it feels like spring is here outside today.  I can barely stand to sit by the window at this computer.  (Maybe I should have taken it outside to write!)

Who can resist the urge to dig in the dirt a little on a day like this?  Not me.  That's my hand in the photo, and look what it dug up---beautiful "Little Fingers" carrots!  They may seem small, but that's a good thing.    These carrots are for snacking, and are meant to be picked at 3 to 3 1/2 inches.  Don't tell anyone, but snack on them I did!  Crunchy and sweet, and so cute!

We pulled the plastic of all of our our winter trial hoops today.  It's nice to have a clear view of how everything inside fared.  We have learned a lot.  For instance, "Little Fingers" carrots do well in the hoops, once they are painfully weeded by hubby early on.  Arugula does well, too, and is a favorite of ours for a winter salad.

Garlic chives, well, we never got a single one to grow!  Disappointing, for sure.  We tried to get them to sprout at least twice, but nothing.  On the other hand, cilantro is thriving!  I hope some of you like it...

Our China Winter Radishes are here in this pick.  They did very well as you can see.

The store is coming along nicely.  There is plenty more to do but be assured that we are working feverishly to get things finished.

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