Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's happening now

  We have been very busy at the farm.  Many things we are doing right now are experimental, like our winter mini hoop houses.  But as you see from the picture, that experiment has worked quite well, allowing us to have greens all winter long!
  The year 2011 was the beginning of our journey into small farming, if you don't count the years of gardens and animals for fun and our own use.  You see, we have raised a variety of animals, from sheep to emus (yes, emus) to cows and pigs.  It's all been fun, especially when the kids came along to enjoy it.  They love the animals...the weeding not so much.
  Our plans have evolved and continue to, as we determine what is involved in each pursuit.  We unfortunately cannot do everything we would like to, as time is certainly a limiting factor and money even more, LOL!  Right now, we are busy mostly with remodeling the old building that will be our storefront. Behind that is where our chickens and rabbits are currently housed for the winter, and Chris is enlarging their area to make room for many more.
  We look forward to your comments, suggestions and encouragement!


Dani said...

Really enjoyed the greens, they were amazing. The arugala, so smooth and peppery, so good. Many at my get together commented on the spinach as well, saying it was the best they ever had. And the biggest compliment was my kids ate a spinach and arugala salad, and loved it. You guys are making great progress on the farm and producing a really high quality of food, I look forward to spring. Keep up the good work and don't forget to call me on picking day :)

Anonymous said...

Sarah I absolutely loved the mix of greens that you served at this dinner gathering. I have to admit that eating the radishes fresh from the ground was amazing!!! The lovely crisp and fresh taste was beyond description. I truly admire your dedication and all of the enthusiasm that you put into your garden and all of the wonderful effort you go through to ensure that the vegetables and fresh and organic. Thank you so much for sharing with me the joy of eating well. I look forward to your future posts and your vegetables as well.

Sarah said...

Thanks so much you guys! I am very grateful for your support :)

Trudy said...

Wonderful site and looking forward to more of your great organic foods this spring and summer. Hope you continue to post recipes especially the ones you served at the Brunch! The food was wonderful. I would also be interested in a list of available items for sale as crops come in. I had no idea that you had some fresh greens this time of the year.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Trudy. We haven't been "advertising" the fact that we have fresh greens really. Truth is, we have so much to do with getting ready for spring season and getting our farm store going and school that we really don't have much time between us to pick, wash and all of that. We wanted to see that it could be done and that one could eat well all year long and maybe next year this time you can come in the store and buy some fresh greens!!! ;)