Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mary's River Farm is alive and kicking!!!

OK,  by now I know many of you must have wondered if we have given up, fallen off a cliff, or what...????  Absolutely not!  But some things have definitely taken a backseat by necessity, one of them being blogging.  There has been so much activity here on the farm and with remodeling the store so we can open that there is just very little time to be at a computer.  So, I thought we should give you some updates on the progress of the store, firstly.

Here is Chris working on our last section of concrete we poured for the store.  It was a long day for him because the concrete took forever to set up.  We are happy to say, though, that it is now finished and all of the concrete is sealed and looks good.


Here is 2/3 of it in it's finished state.  It turned out even better than I thought it would after we sealed it.

We loved these windows on the front of the building and did not wish to change their look.  They took some TLC and brand new glass but I think they look pretty good now that they are completed, don't you?  We have been opening them a lot right now so fresh air flows through as we work.

This is the old sign post in all it's rusted glory that sits out front.  It's quite tall and as the guys determined how to approach it to work on it and paint it and eventually hang the sign in a "safe" manner (do they ever do that?) I worried just a little.  It got painted and that was one step.

But, I especially worry when my child is involved!  They say it was safe... It did go pretty well except for that moment when Oscar tried to hold up the corner to hang it and the wind caught the sign--I nearly had a heart attack!  

We all survived it, including the sign, which looks great!  Thanks, Attitude Designs!  And a special thanks to Courtney Smith, our fellow Farm Beginnings classmate who designed the logo for us based on an old wagon we have.  We love it and it's already causing a lot of rubber-necking as cars go by.

So, these are just a few pictures to show that we are making progress (slow and steady wins the race, right?)  I hate to give too many pictures of the inside because I want people to see it in person first, if possible.  Some of the work being done inside is on building shelving out of very old wood from Grandpa Howie's sawmill and restoring some of our favorite old pieces from his Grandpa's past businesses.  We are also beginning to hang up old signs and determine what we want to put on the walls and such.

We already have some feed from MFA in stock.  We are selling some now even though we are not "officially" open.  If there is something you want or need, either now or in the future, let us know and we will see if we can help you.

I hope this gives you a little glimpse of what has been happening on the store.  It's opening quietly very soon...More updates as soon as I get a chance.  Thanks for checking it out.


Anonymous said...

Everything looks amazing...and anyone with a free moment should stop and see the progress...the pics don't do it justice... plus there is nothing better than a feed store so close to home...esp. when the quality is so high and prices are so reasonable, beating the local stores, THANKS

Sarah said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence! We appreciate it :)

Anonymous said...

Just learned about this blog.
Enjoyed the pics and the recipes made me hungry.
Keep up the good work.
Aunt Vi